What you should know before you can replace your roof

If you own a home, you should be prepared in that one day you will be needed to replace your roof. It might be because your roof is too old or it is damaged. Deciding to replace your roof is a big one but only if you know what you should be doing. Here are some of the things to know before you even consider replacing your roof

Know when the roof was installed
This is very important for any homeowner. If your home or house has the original roof, you should have an idea of when the roofing installation was done. If it has been repaired before, it is very vital to know the exact years that the roof was repaired. Depending on the shingles and the age of your roof, you will need to keep an eye for possible leaks and if you find any, you should schedule a replacement or a repair with an immediate effect.
The shingles
Before you can even think of replacing your roof, you should be aware of the types of shingles that you have. There are different materials out there that can be used as shingles. Those materials have different warranties. The durability of the materials is also very unique. If you are living in an area with high winds or areas that are extremely cold, there is a possibility that your shingles might crack.
What is the fire rating of your roof?
This is also a very important factor that you should always know when you are dealing with a roof replacement. This is how resistant your roofing is to fire. The classes are normally labeled as A, B and C. Class A are the highest resistant to fire. Class B follows then class C. You can learn more about that from a long island roofing contractor.