What types of basic automotive checks can I perform by myself?

They usually say the doctor of you is yourself. That saying also applies to automobiles. The owner of the ride is responsible for conducting automobile checks to determine areas of flaws. They can also determine what they can do to avoid it. The following are the basic automotive checks for every auto body repair dubai owner.

Before you sit to drive, you should make sure to review your tires, warning lights, and other things in your car. Prior to driving, your car tires should be inflated properly and should have the much needed pressure to take you through the journey. You also need to check the warning lights as most car dashboards have a warning light that will come on when you start your car. When doing so, you will need to review the car body repair dubaiengine, oil pressure, alternator warning lights, gauges for oil pressure, and more.
You should also perform basic automotive checks on your car belts. You should note that many mechanical components are driven by it. When you have your engine off, you will need to do an inspection on the belts. Try to determine if it features cracks, loss of tension, and more. You can also check the belt tension. This is done by pressing the belt on your thumb. When you press it hard, it should not give more than a half inch.
You should also do auto body repair dubai checks on the battery. Try as much as possible to do away with corrosions on the terminals of the battery. When the later happen, it can cause it to lose power. A good move would be applying a paste of baking soda and water on the corroded parts.