What are the effects of bad sleep routine on your body?

Do you know how important it is to have a proper sleep? There are a lot of reasons why you need to have a proper sleep because a sleep deprived person would never be able to act in a natural way. There will be a lot of effects on his body and in this article, we will discuss some basic effects. Some of these effects are short term while some are long term, however both these categories will bring a downfall in the daily routines and you can face serious consequences because of sleep deprivation. If you have read in ConsumersCompanion Resurge reviews that lack of sleep can increase your weight, then it is not wrong. When you are unable to sleep properly, you do not reach the deep sleep phase which means that your body does not produce the required quantity of HGH hormone and also it does not start the metabolism process which is required in the deep sleep. Therefore, we see many people with extra fat around their bellies. If you want to reduce this extra fat, you need to understand the benefits of a proper and sound sleep and should take steps to ensure that you are sleeping in a proper manner.

Effects of lack of sleep on human body:
After learning 2020 resurge review, we find that following are the effects of sleep deprivation on human body:

• Mood swings
• Memory loss
• Excessive weight gain
• Week immunity system
• Increased risk to get diabetes
• Fatal accidents as a result of sleep deprivation
• Lack of concentration
• Rise in the blood pressure
• Heart diseases and other cardiovascular problems
• Low sex drive because of fatigue and inactivity
• Possibility of facing balance problems as a lot of hormonal deficiencies occur