Refugees to Canada under the Asylum Category

Apart from the number of options to emigrate from Dubai to Canada like the federal skilled worker program or the business immigration program, there is one non-popular protection program specially introduced for the refugees with mental illnesses or disorders. This is not for the people willing to migrate to canada from dubaibut forced to do so. It is a special program for some ill people to be migrated to the Asylums in Canada either through the efforts by the native government or by a sponsor from Canada. The sponsor can either be an individual or an organization that is willing to take care of the patients.

There are two categories in the Asylum immigration program
• Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement program
• Asylum in Canada
Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement program
This humanitarian resettlement program screens the refugees who are in need of protection outside Canada and analyze whether it will be better to leave them in that nation itself or to resettle them to their own nation. This screening is done with the help of United Nations commission for refugees. Security and medical tests are done. The United Nations Refugee agency will have some sponsors who will apply to the Canadian government for resettlements. Once they have applied, the screening will happen and selection will be made. Private sponsors within Canada can also volunteer to help support the refugee resettlement. They would have to sign a sponsorship agreement with the Canadian Government.
In-Canada Asylum program
Canada grants asylum facilities to thousands of refugees from many countries to which they cannot return. Canada’s own immigration and refugee board are responsible for maintaining and testing these refugees. This program is especially for refugees with fear of persecution, torture, or cruelty in their location mostly their home countries. However, persons with criminal offenses will not be allowed in a Canadian Asylum.