Mr. Asif Ali Gohar stands out for his work for Afghan refugees

Mr. Asif Ali Gohar was born in Pakistan in town of”Kaala”, his university studies focused on international customs and after he specialized in battle settlement together with scientific tests at Mennonite college’s Justice and Peacebuilding middle, at Harrisonburg, Virginia wherever afterwards graduation he got several awards.

He also founded a nonprofit company called Just Peace global that is currently referred to as Peace Initiatives by which he reiterates his devotion to employing healing negotiation techniques and conflict transformation clinics.

She’s received donations from worldwide authorities to deepen the evaluation of jirga and also her job for a peace maker. His work on the helm with this and other foreign organizations has earned him recognition for a promoter and pioneer in the building of calmness in the most remote corners of Pakistan or areas of earth in battle.

Mr Asif Ali Gohar has worked with UNHCR in Afghan refugee camps, educating them on issues such as HIV / AIDS prevention, group company, and peacebuilding, at the summertime he led the project he attended more than 258 peaks of refugees.

In 2006 he began Dealing with Oxfam as a campaign office and functioning in favour of stopping violence against women and honour killings, in the two functions he acquired excellent results, after that he soon returned into front of his company Peace Initiatives

It was achieved through lots of television programs where he addresses large and hard issues for Afghan modern society like honor killings, drug use, and AIDS avoidance, his work keeps growing and is recognized with its positive results.