Causes of car dents

Are you in need of car dent repair? Then something must have caused the dent. You are already aware that your car has the potential of getting damaged even if you have not been involved in an accident. What are the most common things that cause car dents so that you can avoid them at all costs?

Causes of car dents include:
• Grocery carts: People who are in the parking lot of grocery stores might get careless or don’t care, and it might cause a dent in your car. It is hard to fix people, but you can set your car dent. Shopping carts than anything else cause a lot of dents, so ensure to park your car from other cars and the caddies of shopping carts to avoid it getting dings.
• Weather: Heavy windstorms and hail have the potential of damaging your car. If the storm is intense, there is a possibility of it denting your vehicle on impact. If there are strong winds, you might end up with rocks, tree branches, or even road debris denting on your car. You need to access the weather before you get on the road to avoid dents that are weather-related.
• Automobile doors: The other reason why you should park away from other cars is that the doors of other cars can cause dent while opening. Whether intentional or unintentional, people tend to open their doors carelessly, slamming them into your car door. Try parking in an empty part of the parking to avoid door to door damage from other cars.
• Falling tree branches: It is not a must to have a storm for a tree branch to fall. If you park your car under a tree, you need to check the branches to see if any looks weak. A tree branch falling onto your hood, roof, or trunk is likely going to cause a dent, especially if it is significant.